Welcome to our Website

Nuzusys was born in the South Pacific where it started offering services to small developing nations. Nuzusys can offer products and services directly to clients, work in collaboration with local organisations such as ICT suppliers and Virtual Network operators and can provide consultancy to Government and Non-Government organisations.


Expertise Areas

Technology for Development

Our core team has over 50 years of combined experience using technology for development.

Communication for Development

ComDev combines social and cultural perspectives of the communicative processes associated with the use of information systems maximising their impacts.

Operational Support

We believe good simple procedures are more important than the choice of technology and are critical to the success of any project.

Software Development

We can develop custom software tailored to your exact needs and also contribute to the open source projects we adopt and support for our clients.

Systems Integration

We can integrate your different systems together to act as an integrated whole and improve benefits to the users.

Website/Application Design

We offer modern and high quality website and web applications design following strict testing and quality procedures.

Cloud Hosting

We offer affordable managed hosting solutions in world class data centers. The most convenient way to get access to and support for our offered solutions.

On-Premise Systems

For those who prefer a closer ownership of their systems we sell our solutions packaged in hardware with optional remote management and support.


For any of our solutions and areas of expertise. We have experts in designing and conducting workshops online training.

Systems Administration

Whether you are looking for someone to manage your small business network or help run a small/medium data center we've got you covered.

Project Management

We can manage small and large projects from the initiating and planning phase all the way to your on-going maintenance.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Is a core component of all our solutions. We can help you monitor, evaluate and continuously improve your processes and use of technology.