Managed Services Offerings


Cloud Hosting

Access applications and tools using a good working Internet connection without the worry of maintaining equipment "in-house".

  • Less equipment to maintain in-house reducing associated costs
  • Always use the most current, secure and stable version of the applications and services
  • Access from any device from anywhere
  • Seamlessly scale without need to change server or add storage in-house
  • Quality of availability depends on your Internet connection; when your Internet connection has problems access to your applications and tools is affected
  • Fear of no ownership of data and vendor lock-in
  • Access to to applications and tools not as fast
Cloud Hosting Plans


Access applications and tools directly from servers hosted "in-house" without worry of Internet connection problems.

  • Keep closer control (and ownership) of your data and infrastructure; renting a house vs. buying house
  • Always use the most current secure and stable version of the applications and services
  • (Maybe) access from any device from anywhere but not as fast as with cloud hosting
  • Access applications and tools much faster with and without the Internet working
  • Maintenance of equipment comes with additional costs and expertise requirements
  • Scaling requires expertise and additional work/costs
On-Premise Plans